3 Top Tips For The Perfect Window Display

Posted by Chris Fleming on

Creating a bright, beautiful and attractive shop front is a must for any bricks and mortar shop if you want to attract passing trade. No one will even look twice at your place of business if it’s dark, dingy and not shouting about your goods and services… and LED window display pockets are perfect for really making your store stand out.

But how else can you bring people in as they pass by your shop? Remember that your shop front will be the first impression of your business that people will get, so it’s important that it not only looks fantastic but that it reflects what customers will find when they walk through the door.

Keeping it simple may well be the key to success in this regard. The aim is to attract people’s attention as quickly as you can since you only have a matter of seconds to do so as they walk past. Busier displays may compel passersby to stop, but if it’s too hectic they may start walking again.

Proper illumination is an absolute must - even if you have the most wonderful creative ideas, if you don’t light them up properly no one will be able to see them. Using LED lights and lamps that can be easily positioned means you can direct the light source wherever you want.

Another good idea might be to put something a little unexpected in the window display. People love to share images of interesting sights and sounds they spot on their way about town so maximise your business’s visibility by displaying your products in a new and interesting way..