Could LED Window Displays Boost Occupancy Rates?

Posted by Chris Fleming on


Retail managers who are trying to think of ways to keep their business going and avoid having to shut up shop might find LED window displays are the answer.

Earlier this week, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) revealed Britain’s town centre vacancy rate is the highest it has been in four years, reaching 10.2 per cent in April. This is an increase from 9.9 per cent for the previous quarter and the highest it has been since April 2015.

Findings showed footfall in town centres dropped by 0.5 per cent last month, while it also fell by one per cent on the high street and 2.1 per cent in shopping centres. This has made it harder for retailers to attract customers into their stores and make a profit on their sales.

Chief executive of the BRC Helen Dickinson, OBE, said: “Empty shopfronts, particularly for larger stores, can deter shoppers from an area, decreasing footfall for all those around.”

She noted that the effect is “cyclical”, with vacant stores leading to a fall in football, and this is “pushing up vacancy rates”.

Therefore, having an attractive and inviting window display could be the key not only to keep your business afloat, but also neighbouring retailers’ too.

LED window pockets, in particular, will help your shop stand out from the crowd, making passers-by more likely to step into your premises as opposed to those next door that are dressed with paper posters.

Younger shoppers will be particularly attracted to LED window displays pockets, so if you’re trying to sell to millennials, this could be the ideal marketing tool to use to ensure your store does not become vacant any time soon.