Digital Displays

Boost sales, increase awareness, and communicate more effectively!


Our range of digital advertising displays give you the very best opportunities to engage with customers to promote your products and services.


Android Advertising Displays
These ‘Plug & Play’ display screens come with a built-in HD media player which allows you to use a memory stick to update them. Scheduling software is included free of charge, enabling you to set the display to automatically change at certain times of day. A scrolling message can also be displayed on the screen.


High Brightness Digital Advertising Screens
Brightness is critical when you are using digital display screens in window displays – these High Brightness screens are designed specifically for commercial use and are 5 times brighter than a standard TV. User-friendly ‘Plug & Play’ functionality enables you to use a USB stick to upload your images, and advanced temperature control combined with the high-grade LCD panel allows the screen to be in use 24/7.


Network Digital Menu Boards
These displays can be in use 24/7 thanks to a commercial grade LCD panel and LED backlight. They have built in WiFi, can be used either portrait or landscape, come with pre-designed templates and a year’s free subscription to the cloud-based editing software, and have no external buttons to avoid tampering.


Professional Monitors
If your situation requires a budget-friendly solution, these commercial-standard HD monitors are ideal. They are updated via a memory stick so can be up and running in minutes, and the IPS technology used in the screen ensures incredible image quality and colour representation.


You can see our full range of digital display products by visiting the Digital Displays page in our online shop.

Digital displays