Standard Sign Boards


High quality, cost-effective estate agents sign boards


Our standard sign boards come in either a T-Board or Flag Board style. Both are highly durable and have a premium quality finish, ensuring that your business has the best possible image to your clients and potential clients.


These are the most popular style of Estate Agent’s boards in the UK at present, and are the strongest construction with two sheets of 4mm Correx board and a supporting post through the middle. They are particularly well suited to detached properties, or those with a front garden.

Available sizes:
610 x 813mm
Bespoke sizes are available 

Flag Boards

Made from a single sheet of heavy-duty Correx board printed on both sides, our Flag Boards are most commonly used for properties with no front garden or where the board is to be fixed to the wall.

Available sizes:
610 x 813mm (can be used landscape or portrait)
Bespoke sizes are available

C J Display standard estate agents sign boards


Our Services

All clients have access to our easy-to-use online request system, allowing you to manage and track all sign board related tasks. All requests are fulfilled within a guaranteed 24 working hours.

We offer a range of services to meet the needs of clients whatever their requirements - for full details visit the Our Services page >>


Why use our sign boards?

The Correx used to make our T-boards is of high quality, industry-standard construction. Two sheets of Correx are heat welded together and the post is slotted in between, giving an excellent finish.

For our Flag Boards, a single sheet of thicker 6mm Correx – printed on both sides – is used for added rigidity, and to ensure that printing cannot be seen through the back.

After printing, each board goes through a UV drying process to give the best possible bond between the ink and the Correx. This means that the boards have maximum durability, come rain or shine!

In addition, the Correx used for our sign boards is fully recyclable, so you know that in choosing C J Display you are ‘doing your bit’ for the environment too. In keeping with our environmentally-conscious ethos, we recommend that the recycling identification code be printed somewhere on the sign board to ensure that it is correctly recycled once it has reached the end of its life.


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