Touch Screen Displays

The ultimate interactive digital selling tool!


All of our high impact touch screen displays give super-sharp images and colour definition, giving a phenomenal user experience with minimal maintenance. Utilising state-of-the-art hardware and software, the information displayed on the screens is fully customisable and is updated automatically. Our range includes four styles of display in two sizes, so whatever your budget or available space there will be an option to suit.


Through Glass Touch Screens
As the name suggests, these innovative ultra-bright touch screens work through glass, so are perfect for interacting with people who are passing your offices or store (even when you’re closed). Information can be displayed across screens at multiple branches, and potential customers can make an enquiry there and then.


Lectern Touch Screens
With a tilted screen to enable customers to use them from either a sitting or standing position, these high quality touch screen displays offer the facility for your clients to create a personal folder and have information emailed to them.

Table Touch Screens
Let your customers relax in a seating area whilst using this coffee-table style touch screen display. Like the Lectern Touch Screens, customers can create a personal folder and have information emailed to them.


Wall Mounted Touch Screens
Especially useful where space is at a premium, our wall mounted screens provide an attractive and engaging addition to any interior space.

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Touch screen displays